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What are the types of fishing lures? (with pictures)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Artificial Flies

Artificial flies are designed to resemble all manner of insect prey and are used in fly fishing.

Fish Decoy

Fish decoy is a type of lure that traditionally was carved to resemble a fish, frog, small rodent, or an insect that lures in fish so they can be speared. They are often used through the ice by fishermen and also by the Inuit people as part of their diet.


Jigs are a weighted hook with a lead head opposite the sharp tip. They usually have a minnow or crawfish or even a plastic worm on it to get the fish's attention. Deep water jigs used in saltwater fishing consist of a large metallic weight, which gives the impression of the body of the bait fish, which has a hook attached via a short length of kevlar usually to the top of the jig. Some jigs can be fished in water depths down to 300 meters.

LED Lures

LED lures have a built in led and battery to attract fish. They use a flashing or sometimes strobing pattern, using a combination of colors and LEDs.


These lures look like fish and they are run through the water where they can move in different ways because of instability due to the bib at the front under the head.

Soft Plastic Baits

Soft plastic baits are lures made of plastic or rubber designed to look like fish, crabs, squid, worms, lizards, frogs, leeches and other creatures.


Spinnerbait are pieces of wire that are bent at about a 60 degree angle with a hook at the bottom and a flashy spinner at the top.

Spoon lures

Spoon lures usually look like a spoon, with a wide rounded end, catching water to force action, and a narrower pointed end at the knot, similar in shape to a concave spearhead. It is shaped to have its center line off center to force the water to act upon it. They flash in the light while wobbling and darting due to their shape, which attracts fish.

Surface Lures/

Top Water Lures/


This type of lure is designed to remain afloat and can be dragged along the water’s surface. They float and look like fish prey that is on top of the water. They can make a popping, burbling, or even a buzzing sound. There are specific techniques for using surface lures effectively like "walking" them which gives a natural swimming look.


Swimbait is a soft plastic or wooden bait/lure that resembles an actual bait fish. Some of these have a tail that makes the lure/bait look like it is swimming when drawn through the water.



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