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PLUSINNO Fishing Net

★★★★☆ (4.4/5) from 1700+ reviews.

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If you're looking for light weight foldable & collapsible fishing net, then this one is for you!

PLUSINNO Fishing Net is a great multi-purpose net. Not only it's great for landing fish, but also great for catching other things that requires a net like sandcrabs on the beach as it'll filter through medium size rocks, shells, smaller crabs.

It expands to a very high volume when unfolded and folds up to a nice compact size, very convenient to carry around. You could store it in a pocket, in a car, or a backpack when hiking. It's also pleasantly stable and rigid, it snaps in nicely to the spring-loaded joint that it wouldn't feel like it'll fold again when you use it.

The net is very sturdy and made out of very soft material which will neither hurt the fish nor get tangled in the line or the fish too badly. Though the net is very bulky when open. It does not move well through water, but it's to be expected because the netting is wax coated that makes it waterproof. It's to keep your hooks from getting stuck in the net and also prevents the net from waterlogging which could make it smelly.

The shaft is sturdy and durable and has the perfect length when extended, it also has a belt hook so that you can hook it on to your belt or backpack for easy carry. While the fix pole is only available at 12"/ 31cm hoop size, it's more recommended especially if you're into a small fish fishing since the risk of the pole from snapping is almost none compared to the telescopic one.

Overall, it's great for almost every type of fishing and really recommended.

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