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Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers

★★★★★ (4.6/5) from 1700+ reviews.

Get your own pliers on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2GbOWyY

These pliers are lightweight, and neither too big nor too small to retrieve hooks from deep within the mouths of fish. The jaw twists when removing large hooks and goes back to normal position. The hinge doesn't rust because it's made of aluminum.

The line cutters perform perfectly, easily slices through braid, mono, or flouro line. However, the cutting surface is quite small, it'll be a bit annoying having to get line right on that surface to cut it, especially in the dark or if you need glasses to see.

Overall, really worth the price as it does what it is meant to do. The cord has enough length to work with fish. Plus, they come with the sheath and the lanyard, which is great because it can be clipped to a PHD or the eyelets mounted on the boat. Though, it doesn't have a built-in locking mechanism that will keep these closed when it's not being used, that's why it comes with a carrying sheath that keeps it in a closed position.

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